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Claudia Gagnon-Solinger / CLE&N Health/Santé , Stock Image of Organic Vegetables

Nutrition Coaching

Claudia Gagnon-Solinger / CLE&N Health/Santé

Customized whole food plans with easy and nutritious recipes. 

Guidance, support and education about the foods that are recommended for you as you begin your health journey. 

This service is not limited to providing the food list as I also offer support throughout.  My goal is for you to be able to continue on your health journey while intuitively nourishing your body.


Personal Training

Claudia Gagnon-Solinger / CLE&N Health/Santé

Customized live or virtual resistance training sessions that meet your individual fitness goals. 


Your first session is a full assessment of your abilities, movement patterns, and mobility.  Each individual session includes a copy of the exercises performed, along with the resistance used so that you can redo the workouts on your own when you like.  

Program packages are also offered.  These include resistance training sessions, mobility development, and mindfulness exercises. 


I will create a schedule of activities that will help you meet your goals for a stronger and healthier you.

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Guidance and Coaching

Claudia Gagnon-Solinger / CLE&N Health/Santé

Assistance in creating a life where you feel that you are in control. 


Guidance, education, and coaching on how you will navigate your health & wellness journey. 


Mindset training exercises, scheduling tips & tricks, and someone who can help you set yourself up for success.