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Eight Week Strength & Conditioning

8 week Strength & Conditioning Program


This program offers you the opportunity to increase your strength, gain muscle, and ultimately become healthier.  In the time it takes to complete this program you will develop habits and skills needed to continue on your health & wellness journey.


$320 (over $300 in savings)



  • Pre-program session (reg. $40) - in person (your choice of venue) or virtual 

  • 6 Resistance Training workouts - 3 for the first 4 week phase and 3 progressed workouts for the second 4 week phase (reg. $300)

  • 1 personal training session (in person or virtual), where I will coach you through 1 of the resistance training workouts (reg. $40)

  • A detailed 8 week training calendar created to meet your needs and your timetable for the duration of the program.  Includes scheduled conditioning sessions - based on your intake assessment. (reg. $200)

  • Post-program session -  in person (your choice of venue) or virtual assessment of your strength, mobility and movement gains(reg. $40)

  • Nutrition and lifestyle tips to help you improve your overall health

  • On-going support.


*please note that all training sessions that are not included in the package are subject to my regular PT fee of $40/session.*


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