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Claudia Gagnon-Solinger / CLE&N Health/Santé Image by Angelo Pantazis



Step One Is Showing Up

Really, is there anything else? This is the first and most important key to achieving your health and wellness goals. Have you ever experienced being 'stood up'? It certainly doesn't feel very good, very insulting actually. Why then, do we think we can do this to ourselves?

Showing up is the key to success, in all areas of life. If you want to get paid you have to show up and do the job - same goes for your health and wellness. Your journey needs you to show up every day and put in the work. Does this work look different every day - YUP! Some days you will make a great deal of progress on your journey while other days you may only take one or two steps forward. At least you are going forward and you will have shown up for yourself. I have yet to experience a day where I regretted completing a workout. I have however regretted not showing up for a workout. Same goes for all aspects of health & wellness. Take a minute to think about this. Have you ever regretted eating good wholesome food to fuel your body? Have you regretted eating that extra piece of chocolate cake, cookie, (insert any treat here - alcohol included)?

“Life is simple, not easy.”. I love this quote as it speaks to so much about the human condition. Showing up everyday is an easy concept but it’s just not always easy. On the days where you don’t want to show up for yourself or you just don’t feel like it, push forward and show up, even for a little bit - you won’t regret it!

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