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  • Claudia Gagnon-Solinger


We have all heard it and we have most probably used the phrase; “I don’t have time”.

Try to remember the last time you used this as an excuse for not doing what you need to do for yourself. Was it that you didn’t have time for your workout? Was it that you didn’t have time to prep a healthy meal? Was it that you didn’t have time to finish a project, assignment, task, etc…? No matter the context, if you really think about it, it was your excuse not to do something because you just really didn’t want to do it or you didn’t ‘feel’ like doing it.

I mentioned in my first blog that 2021 is a great year to work on your health and fitness because if you are anything like me, I seem to have more time. This is probably because the pandemic has put many constraints on outings and social gatherings. I myself am not going anywhere except work, the gym, maybe the grocery store once a week and outside for a walk, ski or snowshoe during this winter weather. What a great opportunity to plan your time and focus on showing up for yourself.

During the initial lockdown of Spring 2020 I focused on planning my days, sometimes to the hour. I wrote out my daily schedule and included everything from wake up and bedtime to meals to training to relaxation. I also tried to stick to it as best I could. Did I follow it to the letter every day? Nope. I did however find that I accomplished a lot more in regards to living a healthier lifestyle. I felt a lot better too. Maybe it was the sense of purpose that I added to this new style of life? I am not too sure but I do know that it works.

What a great time for you to give this a try. Sit down and schedule the next day or two to the best of your ability. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to do this. Start with a wake up time and go from there. It can be as detailed as you wish. Focus on things you really want to do and make an appointment with yourself to do it. Two good appointments to start your planning are your wake up and bed times. These appointments frame your day and you know exactly how many hours in between for your other appointments. As I mentioned in my first blog, don’t stand yourself up. Try to show up for each and every appointment and see how you feel at the end of the day.

Remember to make an appointment to check back to this page, this way you can check back for more insights as to why 2021 is a great time to work on your health & wellness.

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